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Such an inspiration to hear the stories about life, lessons and your positive mindset. Seeing the connection and influence that you had was beautiful to watch. The positive energy coming from this program, working with all backgrounds, uplifting and re-empowering young and old. Was excited to be apart of the beginning of your new journey. Thank you.

Would highly recommend this program. Get behind "The Man" and help re-empower Australia. - M. Mick

I am inspired by the Champ travelling to remote communities - J. Sandhu

Following our workshop with the Office of Township Leasing in the Northern Territory in February 2020, one of the participants indicated the following:

🧠Very thought provoking and inspiring workshop

🥊The rawness and truth from Anthony

👣Taking home the "Mindset of a Champion" Resource Guide

📕The stories which we could all relate to

"You set such a strong example for young Indigenous men and I couldn’t be happier to have shared this moment with my nephew and with you.
You are THE MAN ✊🏾"

A short quote from an incredible testimonial on our Facebook page, view the full testimonial below.

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